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      Kansas Education Finance

      Dedicated to supporting the future of education in Kansas.

      With decades of experience financing school bond programs in Kansas, our team provides industry expertise, client-focused service and knowledge of state requirements to each project. Our professionals serve a diverse array of schools, providing financing strategies that seek to support our clients’ efforts to be effective and efficient stewards of taxpayer funds. Over the past 20-plus years, our team has completed more than 800 bond issues totaling nearly $9 billion.* Backed by the resources and capabilities of Raymond James, we offer clients uncompromising focus and execution.

      *Personal experience of Gregory Vahrenberg

      Full-service Capabilities

      • Underwriting Services
      • Financial Advisory Services
      • Code 62 Mill Levy Analysis
      • Investment of Bond Proceeds
      • General Obligation Bonds
      • Refunding Bonds
      • General Obligation Capital Outlay Bonds
      • Energy Efficiency Project Financing
      • Certificates of Participation
      • Lease Financing


      Greg Vahrenberg
      Managing Director
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      Linda Byron
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      Jennifer Mills
      Jennifer Mills
      Managing Director
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      Kelli Manson
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